Friday, 17 August 2012

Four Star Baby

So I finally got a review!  From Broadway Baby.  And it's fours stars and very enthusiastic, full of great quotes.  It starts like this:

"A left-wing, atheist, ultra-feminist comedienne performing a politically fuelled stand-up show sounds daunting to say the least."

Ha ha ha, perhaps someone who doesn't find such a show "daunting" would like to come (and give me five stars of course!). Or perhaps it might give some people an insight into how many women (and lovely leftie feminist men) feel when they go to a rowdy, laddy comedy show packed with sexist humour.

I might also "respond" that I don't think my opinions as expressed in the show are hugely risqué, The key ones expressed in the show are 1. There is no God, 2. A woman has a right to choose whether or not to have an abortion, 3. The House of Commons is alienating and elitist, 4. Selling off the health service is a bad idea.  But it's great that he's clearly saying even if you don't agree with me the show is enjoyable. He also says there is some joke at the end of the show so radical that people don't laugh at it.  To be honest I would remove or replace any joke that was consistently not getting a laugh, I think it's more likely I got the wording or the rhythm of it wrong that night.  I like to allow myself one joke that doesn't work per hour.  Ha ha ha.

But in general I am THRILLED with the review, you will be seeing me posting it up all over the place very shortly!

*I might point out that I don't really understand what "ultra-feminist" means - either you believe in equality for women or you don't.  But then I would call myself a radical feminist because as well as believing in equality I regularly get out there and do something about it!  So I'm not really taking issue with that, it's just a choice of word.

Here it is in full, in case the link is slow (can be buggy on mobile phones in my experience).

Taking the Kate

Broadway Baby Rating:

A left-wing, atheist, ultra-feminist comedienne performing a politically fuelled stand-up show sounds daunting to say the least. However, if you descend into the depths of Ciao Roma expecting a flaming, uneducated, soapbox rant about how all men are bastards and how David Cameron is almost certainly a reptile you will be pleasantly surprised - you may not entirely agree with Kate Smurthwaite’s strong views but there is no denying her comic ability and prowess.

Smurthwaite’s strength of material, delivery and tenacious rapport with the audience allow her to divulge her sometimes risqué opinions with only minimal danger of ostracising the crowd. Throughout the show there were many whoops of support from audience members who shared her beliefs but even the more politically passive and ignorant, a bracket I admittedly fall into, will find much to enjoy in her punchy and intelligent set.

It is easy to see why Smurthwaite is regularly invited onto debating programmes as the verve with which she articulates her views on our land is monumental. This is not to say that Smurthwaite is aggressive or unnecessarily intimidating. She is clearly brimming with passion about the issues she stands for but she communicates her indignation with an infectiously positive attitude. Even when she admits that she often feels her political campaigns are a constant uphill battle or deals with a particularly annoying heckler (as she did on the on the night I attended) her charm never wavers.

Some may still find Smurthwaite’s outright views a little tiresome and she did cross a line with her audience with one comment about pregnancy and abortion, leaving the room cold and silent for a moment. However, Smurthwaite’s comedy is good and she certainly deserves your attention - whatever your political standing.


  1. ""A left-wing, atheist, ultra-feminist comedienne performing a politically fuelled stand-up show sounds daunting to say the least.""

    No, it sounds like PERFECTION in a MUG!!!

    WELL DONE! Congrats! WOO WOO!!! :D