Thursday, 27 August 2009

Festival Activism

So after my fury at The Fix magazine's unprogressive selection of the "top 50" shows to see at the fringe, I decided to do something positive so I wrote a one-page (A5) leaflet which on one side criticised the homogenity of the list they had published and on the other offered some recomendations for show I felt they should have included. Those shows were Bethany Black, Chris McCausland, Nathan Caton, Pippa Evans, Paul Sinha and Susan Calman. And of course I plugged my show too. Then I printed about 1,000 and set about distributing them. And brilliantly some young feminists in the area offered to help me so they are now all over town, including I hear in the hands of a number of comedy journalists. So hopefully word will get back to The Fix and next time around they'll have a little look before publishing such a list!

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