Friday, 7 August 2009

One Day To Go

So the show(s) open tomorrow. Still nowhere near having read and picked apart the complete works of Jeremy Clarkson and also not got a CD copy of the bizarre 80s track I want to play at the end but otherwise just super-excited to finally be starting.

A lot of shows started today so I felt a bit left out. Well I would have done but I got to do a BBC Wales interview at 8.20 this morning about all the topical comedy at the festival. True there is a lot this year but about half of it is from me so not so much a question of why has the comedy circuit shfted this way as why are you doing this. Then I had a nap until 2pm when I went over to co-host the afternoon show on LeithFM. Among the guests my good old friend Jake Yapp and his yukelele and a cool new band I'd not heard before called Mayhew. All available to see for free if you know where to go or how to use Google.

Then finally I did a spot at Andrew J Lederers storytelling show Anthologies which was really fun. I told the story of how I wrote the end of my show, which is actually also the end of my show. The only downside was that I didn't have any flyers (still not printed) so all the kind people who asked me for one afterwards will have to rely on memory to find my show.

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