Monday, 17 August 2009

Sex and the Stand-Up Girl

Shaggers is a bit of an Edinburgh institution. Actually it's a bit of an institution at comedy festivals around the world. It's a late night show where a usually pretty drunk audience comes to hear comedians perform material exclusively about sex. The line-up is different every night and often includes some well-known names. It's always rude and outrageous and years ago when I first did a spot there I don't mind admitting I did feel a bit intimidated. But then I also thought I really wanted there to be women getting up and talking about sex, not just all guys, so I pushed on and over the years I've become a regular on their bills.

Well last Sunday I in fact became the first (and so far only) woman ever to headline Shaggers. And then last night I also became the first woman ever to MC Shaggers. Amazing that at my school careers day no-one ever suggested that sleeping around and amassing colourful bawdy tales of disastrous drunken trysts would wind up being a career move. But here I am. And I'm back again MCing the show next Sunday too so do come along if it sounds like your thing.

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