Wednesday, 12 August 2009

First Review

ThreeWeeks were apparently in at some point (I don't know when) and the review they've written is really fantastic, positively raving. It annoyed me a little though because they've done that thing of giving away punchlines - one less important but one that is built up to at great length and it quite central to the "story" of the show. Please don't do that reviewers, it's really annoying. Anyway so if you want to come to the show please don't go to the review site - I have reproduced the review in full here but asterisked out the two "spoilers".

The News at Kate, PBH's Free Fringe/ Kate Smurthwaite
Comedy that cuts through the crap. The News at Kate is a topical show that presents news events, politics and a few celebrity stories, inviting us to see beyond the propaganda and laugh at what is left. Highlighting the ludicrous truths about our democracy, charming and opinionated Kate Smurthwaite ******************************************. Other targets include the BNP, Jeremy Clarkson, and the Christian Party, who, Kate reveals, *******************. Smurthwaite's political conscience and her light-hearted approach make the show really enjoyable, and an effective platform for transmitting her manifesto of progression and common sense. (three stars).

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