Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Burlesque Debate

So after I put my little sign up outside the show last night (which worked great by the way), this morning I have an email from one of the burlesque performers saying, well actually I'm not going to go in to what she was saying, but essentially engaging me in debate about burlesque. Initially I replied and she responded suggesting we continue the debate in person. Well honestly I don't see the point.

I've had this debate before. Approximately one million times. In fact some of the many instances of the debate on this are in my show, others are on my main blog. Clearly I'm not going to convince this woman to cancel her show. Clearly she's not going to convince me to cancel mine. If we each hold our views strongly enough to make them our full-time job, what is the point of the debate. If someone wants to hire a venue and sell tickets I'll be happy to have the debate for the benefit of a wider audience. Even this though has already been done many times - on TV and radio, usually featuring me, a few burlesque acts, some "proper" strippers or club managers and some random fundamentalist Christian who keeps shouting "fornication!". It's cracking TV but I'm trying to do three shows a day and I don't really have the energy to recreate it in Starbucks for the benefit of one person whose opinion won't change anyway. In fact all I'd really be doing is giving her a chance to hone her debating skills. After all these years mine are pretty sharp...

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