Friday, 6 August 2010

Radio Daze

So I've done three radio shows since I've been in Edinburgh. Firstly I was on Talk Sport last night talking about Lily Allen's pregnancy. Now I don't quite understand how on hearing a woman who wants to be pregnant is pregnant you could be anything but delighted. But of course there was someone who'd been rounded up to argue with me. It was Stephen Green from fundamentalist Christian group Christian Voice. Of course he's disgusted that an unmarried woman is pregnant. But I had the chance to push him on a couple of other subjects - homosexuality for one and his group's desire to legalise marital rape for another. Fun times.

This morning I was on BBC Ulster talking about Gary Neville getting his £150,000 car towed after he put petrol in a diesel! We were just generally talking about "Doh!"moments. The flat I'm in up here has a bathroom light switch outside the bathroom and then a shower on-switch cord just inside the door and I'm proud to say I have yet to turn the shower on while nipping for a midnight pee! So far so good. First shows tomorrow - thought my solo doesn't open til Monday so I'm still fairly chilled.

And then this afternoon I was hosting my own show (with Ian Schofield) on LeithFM. And it was a lot of fun. I'm on air at Leith every Friday 2pm to 3pm, please tune in if you're in the area!

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