Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Things I Didn't Plan To Do On My Day Off

Well yesterday was my annual festival day off. I had big plans to go to Leith Waterworld but ended up feeling ill and staying on the sofa all day watching TV and napping. Still better to be ill on that day than a day when I have 3-6 shows to do! Sadly my restful day ended abruptly around 1am when I discovered that my Midnight Hour show, the only one still running without me - with a guest compere - had run into trouble. An act (David Whitney) had had his set ruined by a persistent heckler. This is not all that surprising at a late night show when the audience can be pretty drunk (though often such people get chucked out if they're ruining the show for others). However the act after coming off stage decided to exact revenge by head-butting the guy. The police arrived and Whitney (quite rightly) spent the night in a cell. We won't be re-booking him.

I'm feeling better and will be back at The Midnight Hour tonight where hopefully things will be running a bit more smoothly. Just hoping the press coverage makes it clear that in three years this is the first time there's been a problem at the show and that it happened when I wasn't there.

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