Sunday, 15 August 2010

Festival Meanderings

Yet to have any reviewers in to see my solo show and I'm not in that much of a stress about it cos really I know the show's good and I'm more bothered about "real" people seeing it. The woman who runs Edinburgh feminist network saw it two days ago and recommended it to the rest of the group. She told me today she's already had two women specifically thank her for the recommendation. Another person who enjoyed it was Jes from the blog Circuitous Meanderings. She writes:

"The evening ended with the hideously underused, under-recognised and generally talented Kate Smurthwaite with her News at Kate in the Voodoo Rooms.

"What I cannot understand is why with comics of the calibre of Kate Smurthwaite and Susan Murray and Helen Keen and all the other funny women around, we are continually subjected to banal, sexist, unoriginal and frequently offensive male comics dominating TV programmes all week long. And without going into the full "I pay my licence fee too" rigmarole, it's undeniable, I and my demographic are completely failed by programme producers who play it safe with the same old faces on every panel game and sketch show."

Thanks Jes, glad you enjoyed the show!

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