Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Downs and Ups

So I've done my first two shows now. The first one had a few teething troubles. Some feminists I half know from Edinburgh were coming along and arrived early. They headed in to catch the end of the show before mine which turned out to include burlesque complete with twirling nipple tassels! They weren't very impressed. After their show quite a lot of the audience for the burlesque stayed for my show and gave me evil stares and some mild heckling. Shortly after the show (no doubt by complete co-incidence) my posters in the bar had grown Hitler moustaches. The show was fine but didn't feel zinging like it had in preview. I felt I was rushing a bit, being less playful than I can be.

Today was much better. I put a sign up outside warning my audience that if they came in early the show before mine had some partial nudity in it and no-one came in early. Plus I did more flyering ably assisted by new member of the News At Kate team Amandine who is a young French feminist living in Edinburgh and will be on the Royal Mile now regularly handing out my flyers to interested parties. An older feminist couple (Mouse and Alison - hello) spotted me flyering with Amandine and we had a long chat, when they arrived a the show they'd brought me flowers which put me in a great mood. My friend comedienne Bianca Arlette also came along and a few friendly faces meant the show went great. Afterwards a young Polish guy told me in 5 years coming to the Fringe mine was the best free show he'd ever seen! So feeling much better now. Off to host Midnight Hour as usual tonight.

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