Sunday, 8 August 2010

Late and Great

Did one of my more unusual (but hugely enjoyable) spots of the festival today. The Magic Faraway Cabaret show, which is an excellent show (though comes with the warning: may contain burlesque just in case that's not something you're comfortable with), has a feature in which a dead celebrity rises from the grave and performs. I was reviving the memory of one of my all-time heros: Joyce Grenfell. For afficianados - I did the First Flight sketch which is one of my favourites.

My solo show opens tomorrow and between now and then as well as the afternoon Comedy Manifesto show I'm going to be personally trained at a place that looks more intensive than I was really expecting. The website is all six-packs and athletes. Hopefully I'll still be able to walk by showtime. Please come if you're in town - 8.25pm speakeasy@voodoorooms (venue 68). It's free, collection after the show, pay what you think it's worth! Arrive in good time for the best seats.

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  1. Knock 'em dead. I'll be rooting for you. Wish I were there.